Is America the Innovator? Or Elsewhere

October 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

According to the September, 2011 issue of WIRED magazine, UK edition, the top six cities in Europe for tech development and innovation are London, Paris, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Moscow and Berlin. Other notable hotspots are Amsterdam, Barcelona, Helsinki and Tallinn.

Even more notable were comments contained in the Editor’s Note that “Some commentators dismiss Europe’s tech scene as packed with clones and copycats of successful American businesses… I don’t accept that … most of the companies that excited us at WIRED are original, disruptive and potentially global in scale.”

How about self storage? The US has a big head start. About 20 years, give or take. They lead Europe facilities by a factor of 10 — or more!

Are these European companies, or Asian ones for that matter, mere clones of American firms? I think not. Differences in business climate and consumer culture should yield different results.

I used to think that non-US companies could learn much from US firms. Probably, but how about the other way.

What do you think?

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